Intellectual Property Law

Protecting inventions, trademarks and copyrights

Protecting the tangible expression of your ideas, proprietary processes and products isn’t as black and white as establishing ownership of real property. Our experienced attorneys counsel clients on patents, trademarks, and copyrights law, whether they are in the process of obtaining the proper protection through registration or defending an existing intellectual asset. Our attorneys also work with clients on non-compete, non-disclosure agreements and the new Defend Trade Secrets Act.

From inventions and artistic endeavors to company trademarks and branding, we work with our clients to protect their efforts and assist in commercialization of their intellectual property. We are often called to negotiate with others when there has been an infringement of a patent, trademark or copyright, and when necessary, to bring (or defend) an action for infringement. Our decades of experience in this field keep us well connected; we frequently help our clients find other service providers such as manufacturers, marketing companies and publishers as needed.

We help our clients protect and monetize their intellectual property.